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It’s true – some people don’t understand the reason why concert goers are so in love with seeing bands live. After all, what’s to love? Usually concerts consist of a ton of sweaty, screaming bodies thrown into a small venue that feels like it’s designed to fit about half of what it holds.

Even discounted concert tickets can’t convince those who hate concerts to go, and a ticket that’s double its usual price will still entice a regular concert junkie into seeing their favorite band. So what’s the appeal? Why do people go to concerts month after month, year after year?

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It’s a One Time Experience

Let’s say you go see your favorite band and someone decides to smash a guitar on stage. That guitar will never be smashed again, and you won’t hear it or see it be smashed if you simply bought the band’s CD. There’s a raw energy about every concert that makes it unique, even though the songs being sung are the same songs that were sung last time. Even if you’re watching the concert live from your home theater, there’s nothing quite like seeing a band up close and personal. While a CD or a concert on DVD can be a great snapshot, it lacks the natural quality of a person when they’re connected to their music and the audience around them. That performance an artist is putting on will never be put on in the same way ever again.

You’re With People to Which You Relate

Because of the advent of discounted concert tickets, almost anyone who has a bit of spare change in their pocket can go enjoy some personal time with their favorite lead singer. While everyone that likes a band may not have everything in common with one another, most concert-goers have at least something in common – they like the feelings they get at a concert. That experience is shared and culminates in widespread, infectious happiness, which is one of the best natural highs you can experience in life. People who don’t enjoy concerts can’t feel this, and probably won’t return next time. This just makes room for one more soul who does and can contribute and feel the infectious joy.

You’re Supporting an Artist You Admire

With the onset of digital media came the onset of piracy. While piracy may not seem like a big deal at first, in the long run it affects the artists that you admire. Most of the time, bands and individual singers only get a small portion of every album purchased, whether that album is purchased online or in CD form. However, when you pirate something instead of purchase it, that money never sees its artist (and it isn’t very much to begin with). Piracy has led to a drastic crash in album sales, which means it’s becoming more difficult for even the best of the best to support themselves on the money they make with album sales alone. However, because you can never pirate a live concert experience, there’s no way an artist won’t get paid for every person that experiences their live performance. Even a discount concert ticket provides them decent cut when you see someone perform live. Selling concert tickets has become one of the most dependable ways for an artist to make money, meaning that they’ll keep performing and you can continue to support them with your purchase.

Regardless if you hate concerts so much you never go or you love them so much that you’ll go whether there are discounted concert tickets available or not, they are here to stay and present a unique experience that everyone should enjoy at one point or another in their lives.

Featured Concerts

Concert season is in full swing!  These are the featured concerts on, the must see events, touring RIGHT NOW.  Click on the artist’s page for more information, and to buy your tickets.  This site has the best, most affordable deal on the hottest concert tickets.

Jay Z & Beyoncé on Tour

A massive stadium tour.  This promises to be one of the hottest concerts of the year, and one that you will not want to miss.  Jay Z and Beyoncé together–these stadiums are going to be absolutely packed, you ‘re going to be kicking yourself if you can’t make it to see them live.

How am I so sure?  Check out their Grammy performance of Drunk In Love — that was hot.


MGMT is out on a huge tour supporting their newest, self titled album.  Ever seen a concert with them before?  Your’e in for a treat if not.  Check out the video below to see what it’s like to be at an MGMT show.  Here they are at a festival performing “kids.”

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Florida Georgia Line

A little bit country…ok, they’re a lot country.  If you’re down for a good time check out Florida Georgia Line’s new This Is How We Roll summer tour.  For a preview of the fun, check out this live video:

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Justin Timberlake

The polished, the smooth, the one and only Justin Timberlake departs on a MASSIVE tour that runs clear into October.  Get in on the fun, and pick up your concert tickets today.  This is one you won’t want to miss–Timberlake doesn’t phone it end, as you can see in the video below.  Check out “Mirrors” live–you’ll see what I mean.

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